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The Beautiful Losers – Four Corners of a Tiny Planet

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The Beautiful Losers – Four Corners of a Tiny Planet

NAME: The Beautiful Losers
ALBUM: Four Corners of a Tiny Planet
DATE: 1November2010

LABEL: Strawberry Hill Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Cultural and indiviualist folk music.

LOCATION: San Francisco, US

LINE UP: Raj Ramayya(vocals,various instruments), Brett Boyd (vocals, various instruments)

The Beautiful Losers.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The Beautiful Losers are an alternative-folk duo stationed in San Francisco that comprise of Indo-Canadian instrumentalist, Raj Ramayya and American musician, Brett Boyd. After their inception in Tokyo, Japan, the group have moved to the US in the hope of pursuing worldwide acknowledgment with their artistic debut, `Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet’.

The extended introduction of `Peaceful Buddhist Warrior’ begins the album, featuring a myriad of different instruments. `Here In Our Dreams’ acts as the album’s first official track, and it’s an amiable serving of melodic folk that any venerated folk artist would be proud to lay claim to.

Although, `Romantic Hippy Gunfighter’ guarantees the listener’s perspective will be re-evaluated. The track is a varied assortment of disparate genres, incorporating world, folk and continental sounds to mould a bizarrely striking piece of music. `

Young Peruvians’ and `A Little Bit’s Better Than Nothing follow with different facets and include a more obtrusive accentuation on melody, especially the latter, which is comparable to a culturally aware version of The Stereophonics.

The Beautiful Losers even have time to showcase their affinity to 1960s rock ‘n roll, as `Ted The Handsome Cat’ swaggers with the finesse of The Beatles. The legendary Liverpool outfit are clearly an inspiration for the band, as this album culminates with a fascinating cover of The Beatles’ track, ‘Across The Universe’.

The Beautiful Losers harness a sound that will bewilder mainstream music fans, but `Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet’ is an ambitious album that should be applauded for its experimental design.

SOUNDS LIKE: An entirely new revamp of the folk genre.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy the folk and world music genres. Or, you generally appreciate visionary songwriters.


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