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The Bloody Beetroots – Best of… Remixes

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The Bloody Beetroots – Best of… Remixes

NAME: The Bloody Beetroots
ALBUM: Best of… Remixes
DATE: 14February2011

LABEL: Difficult


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Credible but not earth shattering.

LOCATION: Vicenza, Italy

LINE UP: Bob Rifo (DJ), Tommy Tea (DJ), Edward Grinch (drums, live)

The Bloody Beetroots - Best of... Remixes.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Italian DJs aren’t exactly flocking to the UK music scene, but then again, they’re not exactly pioneering their own music – not on this album, anyway. In fact, The Bloody Beetroots are only using other people’s songs in this album; it’s all about the remixes here. Luckily, they’re able to produce all-new brilliance with many of the tunes they’ve pilfered.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and bearing in mind that several bands on here (The Toxic Avenger, The Whip, The Aston Shuffle, Sound of Stereo) aren’t exactly hailed as geniuses outside of very tiny scenes, a lot is done with the songs adopted by The BBs to prove their worth. They range from techno trance to rock-infused and grubby stompy enjoyment – every dance angle is covered.

Still, they’re not doing anything massively groundbreaking with certain songs that were good enough, or better, prior to The BBs’ input – The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Dissolve’ is probably the best case in point. Certain others are just damn annoying – their work with ‘Black Gloves’ by Goose is almost unlistenable.

Marks also have to be knocked off for a particularly childish reason: it’s very annoying to see the back cover littered with the words “The Bloody Beetroots Remix” in brackets after every song. Yeah, we get it – that’s why we bought it.

Despite these criticisms, if you like certain songs on here prior to remixing, check out The BBs’ wizardry. This lot, more than most other bands out there (except maybe… dare it be said… Pendulum?), can make you enjoy a song in another way with their input.

Then again, if you’re buying it outright without prior knowledge? Whatever your poison is, there are too many solid remixes on here to really ignore the worthiness of this record. It may not be one you like initially because it’s not exactly relaxing or applicable to notions away from the desire to dance, but in a club or party atmosphere, it’ll be nigh-on immortal.

And if you had the chance to see this lot live? You could put a lot of money on them being excellent.

SOUNDS LIKE: The bands they cover (obviously), with certain Daft Punk or a consistently high-tempo Simian Mobile Disco.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want to get your groove on under the strobe altar of the Church of Dance.

LINK: http://www.deathcrew77.com/

Submitted By Matt Gardner



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