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The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – The Fluffer

July 12, 2010 by  

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The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – The Fluffer

NAME: The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment
ALBUM: The Fluffer
DATE: 16 August 2010

LABEL: Sidewalk 7


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Esoteric sublimity beside mundane tosh


LINE UP: The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Musical odd fish casts out peace offering to the world in the form of debut album, which aims to chart the course of his turbulent life (possibly as interpreted by Salvador Dali armed with a guitar and synth).

SOUNDS LIKE: Our first foray into our protagonist’s world begins with the same titled ‘The Fluffer’. A brisk, airy, piano number – the sort you might expect to find in a French silent film – a whimsical love story perhaps, centring around chance meetings, bicycles and a bakery. Except halfway through it seems David Lynch hijacks the proceedings, everything becomes a bit screechy and menacing and the happy bike ride turns into a nightmare trip around a lunatics funfair, before calmly fading back into comparative normality. Surprising and quite brilliant really.

This oddball nature continues throughout, as TBESE mixes in Sesame Street style sing-along lyrics, phone conversations, disco, acoustic, Brit-pop and (almost) gospel into a truly eclectic mishmash of sounds. You’re never quite sure what to expect; from the soft hymn-like ‘Sleep Next To Me’ to the grinding pop-rock chorus of ‘Generation’.

Of course, raiding the depths of the ‘misc sounds’ folder can’t drag a track up from mediocrity to greatness and the album features several prime examples of run-of the mill, fadey, acoustic guitar nonsense that would flounder to make it as a B-side on any number of contemporary ‘indie’ albums. It simply seems lazy and causes you to feel cheated, especially being treated to some of the albums kookier and spookier offerings.

As promised in the album blurb, this is not so much a cohesive album as a plate of offerings and ideas; there’s a lot of good stuff going on here, even if the overall package seems a bit confused and underdeveloped. Fortunately, the brilliance manages to outshine the filler to mark an excellent debut that promises real future potential.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You had fun with the likes of the Eels, but wanted more acoustic guitar. Much more!


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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