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The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 – The 80’s.

September 7, 2011 by  

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The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 – The 80’s.

NAME: The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2
ALBUM: The 80’s.
DATE: 17October2011

LABEL: Bristol Archive Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Easy, heavy, political with purpose.

LOCATION: Bristol, England.

LINE UP: Various Artists

Bristol Reggae Explosion.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The decade was an important time for the country’s race relations and that tension sort of funnels through on one or two of the tracks. However it means that this album from the 80’s is relevant and it’s not really out of place. The first track ‘Rise Up’ by Joshua Moses is a powerful mix of lyrical rebellion and desperation on top of traditional reggae percussion. It is previously unreleased and we have Mike Darby to thank for its inclusion. The second track ‘Times are getting harder’ by Bunny Marret, offers more of the same. There’s a few dub instrumentals along the way too bringing you right back in time without the use of Doctor Who’s Tardis, so by the time we hear ‘Way Out West’ by Zapp Stereo, we’ve reached the mid part of the decade.
The album is a total roots and culture vibe, which is no bad thing and the purists will find it a pleasure.

SOUNDS LIKE: A big spoon of roots and culture.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Old School Reggae and Dub.


Submitted By L.Heath



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