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The Crown – Doomsday King

August 18, 2010 by  

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The Crown – Doomsday King

NAME: The Crown
ALBUM: Doomsday King
DATE: 27September2010

LABEL: Century Media


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Vehement thrash from Sweden’s finest.

LOCATION: Trollhattan,Sweden

LINE UP: Jonas Stålhammar (vocals), Marko Tervonen (guitar), Marcus Sunesson (guitar),Magnus Olsfelt (bass), Janne Saarenpää (drums)

The Crown.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: After disbanding in 2004, The Crown were considered eternally defunct, and their savage thrash metal left a legacy that was set to be ceaselessly preserved by metal fans and artists alike. However, `Doomsday Crown’ marks the ferocious renaissance of these Swedish thrashers, who are back and more impressive than ever.

Title track, ‘Doomsday King’ is the perfect introduction to The Crown’s malevolent hybrid of thrash and death metal. Razor-sharp riffs, demonic vocals and lightning fast drums combine to form a 4-minute master class in macabre music. `Angel of Death 1839’ follows in a similar vein, enveloping the listener in a state of delirium.

`Age of Iron’ acts as a flawless exhibition of thrash that is simply relentless. Live crowds are destined for anarchy when the track’s fearsome solo slays music venues. Accumulatively, `Desolation Domain’ and `Blood OD’ further reinforce The Crown’s reliability for delivering mosh-inducing sounds.

Dissimilar to death metal contemporaries, The Crown never lower themselves to brandishing repetitive breakdowns or everlasting pig noises. In fact, the album’s only failing is `The Tempter And The Bible Black’: a restrained track, in which the band’s rapid instrumentation is displaced to accentuate their sacrilegious lyrics. Despite this, a swift press of the “skip” button will bring forward `Soul Slayer’, and provide a chilling reminder of the band’s capabilities.

`Doomsday King’ is a staggering example of how to unite the thrash and death metal genres. The Crown’s sound isn’t exactly accessible, but their extreme intensity will placate even the most hardened death metal fan.

SOUNDS LIKE: At The Gates, Impious, Amon Amarth.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy abnormally fast music, and resent Bob Rock for transforming Metallica into a radio-friendly rock band!


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