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The Disrupters – Generation Retard

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The Disrupters  – Generation Retard

NAME: The Disrupters
ALBUM: Generation Retard
DATE: 30May2011

LABEL: Overground


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great revived political anarcho-punk

LOCATION: Norwich, England

LINE UP: Bangkok Steve: Hansell, vocals; Rob Hedge: drums; Mash: bass; Prem Nick: vocals; Steve Hardy: guitar


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The return of Norwich punks The Disrupters has been long overdue for their legion of fans old and new who have been baying for a comeback since they called it a day in the late 80’s. The band originally formed in 1980 and their forthright highly political anarcho-punk sound gained them a place on the first Bullshit Detector album from Crass that year. An eager following grew over the three singles and two albums released on their own label, Radical Change Records, until their split in 1988. The clamour for a return especially took focus when The Disrupters’ retrospective album, Gas The Punx, was released by Overground in 2005 and now they release their first album in 25 years containing music still growling with political statements challenging establishments and society. Frontman Steve Hansell states “… reforming the Disrupters has never been about ‘nostalgia’ as far as I’m concerned but more picking up where I left off… The album has been over two years in the making. It’s not always been an easy album to make but the end result is something we are proud of. Musically it’s the tightest thing we’ve recorded. A criticism often aimed at bands like us is that we don’t update our message.” This is certainly true, as lyrically the subject matters within Generation Retard are based on the greed and corrupt state of the world in all areas such as religion, politics, and social, mixed with some personal elements from Hansell giving the album deeper and darker tones. Musically too, this is no simple reworking of old simple punk classics, thriving on great riffs and guitar hooks alongside snarling accusing vocals, the sound is as fresh as the words it backs.

Title track ‘Generation Retard’ is loaded with great striding riffs, starting off the release with an attack on religion and its underlying evils. The punishing drums of Rob Hedge and the solid attack of Mash on bass drive the song, as on all tracks, alongside the great riffs and hooks of Steve Hardy. Hansell’s vocals are harsh and direct, but fit perfectly, a no frills effectiveness. The album is bursting with thirteen songs plus two spoken word tracks from Prem Nick, each scathing on an aspect of the world or human condition, whether dealing with the likes of big business on ‘Corporate Nightmare Vision’ or the failure of society to protect the innocent in ‘Torture Room’. Though musically the album lies alongside the likes of Crass and Crisis in its style of punk, there are the simple but enticing irresistible guitar hooks and riffs from Social Deception, which together gives the release a kick that is hard to resist. There are also moments where a metal edge comes in which is very satisfying, as in ‘Gimme Some Truth’ and the thrashy ‘Know The Enemy’.

The strongest tracks on Generation Retard show instantly why The Disrupters retained such a dedicated following; ‘River Of Blood’ is a bursting track, from its opening drum attack through instinctive riffs, a great guitar solo, and harsh vocals and takes the mantle of best track. ‘We Are The Taliban’, the punk thrash of ‘Never Give A Fuck’, and the great drum and riff pounding ‘Ian Huntley Said’ all push the album onto a pleasing higher plateau. There are moments where the release falls below the high standard of these tracks, but not enough to bring any real criticism. The lack of gang punk vocals in some choruses could be a small slight placed upon the album, as at times they cried out for a little more punch that way, but again that is not a major problem, merely personal taste. The return of The Disruptors has been an agonising wait for many but with Generation Retard the wait is over and they will be more than satisfied with not only a comeback but an album of great quality.

SOUNDS LIKE: Crass, Crisis, UK Subs

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: original 80’s punk fused with a current rock attack entices your safety pins.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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