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The Exhibition – The Crown/Coma

July 29, 2010 by  

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The Exhibition – The Crown/Coma

NAME: The Exhibition
SINGLE: The Crown/Coma
DATE: 7June2010

LABEL: Of National Importance Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Really, what is the point?

LOCATION: Barnsley, UK

LINE UP: Joel Burrows – Guitar / Andrew Murray – Bass / Pete Dand – Voice / Chris Harston – Drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: I want to like this band but their music, somewhat surprisingly, left me feeling very bored. The band has not nailed it with these two songs, and I feel like they’re missing a bit of purpose. The choruses drift in and out and overall the songs don’t go anywhere, but they’re not easy enough on the ears to ignore. Their lively indie sound makes you want to listen and then leaves you feeling short-changed. Surely that’s not what they were going for? The band obviously put a lot of energy into their songs but it is not channelled well, resulting in a pretty disjointed sound. As an alternative pop/rock band they have license to wail a bit and these boys don’t disappoint in those stakes. Yes, there is plenty of wailing. The lyrics are pretty pointless and on the track The Crown, you wait and wait for the big crescendo. It seems like it will never come. Then, after three minutes it arrives, but the messy sound when they give the guitar and drums some welly is all a bit of a let down. On the plus side, the lead singer, in his better moments, sounds a little like Paul Weller.

SOUNDS LIKE: a less organised, softer Killers.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like wishing that the musicians had pulled their fingers out a bit more.


Submitted By Sophie Carville



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