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The Get Up Kids – Simple Science

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The Get Up Kids – Simple Science

NAME: The Get Up Kids
EP: Simple Science
YEAR: 17th May 2010
LABEL: Hassle Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Quintessential emo band finally return.


LINE UP: Matthew Pryor / Jim Suptic / Rob Pope / Ryan Pope / James Dewees

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Pioneers of true emo, The Get Up Kids formed in 1995, released four albums, officially split up in 2005, and then spent three years in various side projects, most notably Dewees as New Found Glory’s and My Chemical Romance’s touring keysman. Now, they’re back together and offering up this four-track release, primarily for release through iTunes, but with 10,000 limited edition numbered CDs available.

SOUNDS LIKE: lo-fi garage indie polished up brightly. This is the stuff that inspired the likes of Jimmy Eat World. It’s reflective, shoe-gazing, introspective and thoughtful. Opening track ‘Your Pretty Things’ could be straight from 1996; the kinda stuff that adorned teenage mix tapes across the land. ‘Keith Case’ and ‘Tommy Gentle’ continue in similar ilk, whilst ‘How You’re Bound’ is a trippy six minute meander.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: reminiscing, love, climbing trees. It’s a solid release, but you can’t help but wonder if they should’ve moved on a bit by now.

LINKS: Official Website

– Judas Morgan

Simple Science EP
1. Your Petty Pretty Things
2. Kieth Case
3. Tommy Gentle
4. How You’re Bound

Pre-order a copy of ‘Simple Science’ from

17th – Gothenborg West Coast Riot Festival, Sweden
18th – Scheessel Hurricane Festival, Germany
19th – Neuhausen Ob Eck Southside Festival, Germany
20th – Paris Elysee Mountmartre, France
23rd – London Underworld, UK
22nd – Madrid Sala Live, Spain
23rd – Barcelona Sala Estraperlo, Spain
24th – Santander Takio Festival, Spain



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