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The Haunted – Unseen

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The Haunted – Unseen

NAME: The Haunted
ALBUM: Unseen
DATE: 21March2010

LABEL: Century Media Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: New approach from Swedish legends.

LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden

LINE UP: Anders Björler – lead guitar, Jonas Björler – bass, Peter Dolving – lead vocals, Patrik Jensen – rhythm guitar, Per Möller Jensen – drums

The Haunted.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: After 1 minute of The Haunted’s new release, it is staggering to fathom that this group features two founding members of Swedish death metal progenitors At The Gates. This is because the band’s sound is too refined to invoke comparisons to the almighty Swedish stalwarts, with the album’s opener ‘Never Better’ sounding more akin to Five Finger Death Punch than the uncompromising thrash that fans may expect.

‘No Ghost’ follows and suffers with a slow-pace that almost trespasses into stoner rock territory. The song is accomplished and will certainly appeal to a new audience, but it doesn’t encapsulate the frenetic riffs and scathing vocals that helped establish The Haunted in the worldwide metal landscape.

Thankfully, with a few listens, the album’s eclectic musicianship does reward the listener. ‘Unseen’ is a tremendous exhibition of styles, as it encompasses a vivid chorus alongside inventive guitar work, which suggests that the track may be the one that enables the band to saturate a wider musical market.

‘Them’ sees the group return to their more familiar, aggressive, mantra of forcing anyone within a 50 metre radius of their discs to lose their minds with copious moshing. If you were expecting brutality on the same spectrum as Century Media labelmates The Crown then disappoint will envelop you in the same way as a 50-man wall of death, though The Haunted still don’t pull any of their punches. However, the punches are systemically devised in the vein of Floyd Mayweather Jnr, rather than a selection of 1-second Mike Tyson knockout blows.

Furthermore, ‘The Skull’ continues the band’s regression to their earlier days. It may not be as ferocious as the most destructive tracks from ‘Revolver’, but it is certainly more cerebral, thanks to its ever-changing musical motifs, which illustrate a more meticulous approach to song writing, which does not exclude melody.

‘Unseen’ will certainly polarise fans of The Haunted, but it harbours rewards for those who exercise patience.

SOUNDS LIKE: The band that made ‘Revolver’ switched the drugs and alcohol for tea and biscuits, but relapsed and ultimately lost their own sense of identity.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Refined metal is more appealing to you than raw and frenzied alternatives.


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