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The Horn The Hunt – Depressur Jolie

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The Horn The Hunt – Depressur Jolie

NAME: The Horn The Hunt
ALBUM: Depressur Jolie
DATE: 23May2011

LABEL: White Label Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Tragic melodic pop from Leeds

LOCATION: Leeds, West Yorkshire

LINE UP: Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne


WHAT’S THE STORY?: If you’re searching for a record that boasts melancholic ambience of the highest order, then Depressur Jolie may just hold a residency in your CD player.

The two-piece purvey a selection of sumptuous melodies in this release, but it’s impossible to shake the notion that the album’s all-encompassing sound is too much to digest.

‘Raptor’ blossoms into an excellent slice of melodic-pop, with vocals that are eclectic enough to capture and maintain the attention of listeners.

Meanwhile, ‘Bear Trap’ has a brooding sound juxtaposed with Clare Carter’s accomplished vocals that instils an impressive dynamic.

Regrettably, it is with tracks such as ‘Old Town Cow’ that the group’s sound begins to become too experimental. The track’s instrumentation provides a world music feel, which initially provides an atmospheric element to their sound, but soon becomes tiresome after repeated listens.

The album’s title track suffers the same fate, as its eerie nature fascinates upon first listen, though it soon sounds droning and lifeless.

The Horn The Hunt are evidently brimming with musical ideas; they just need to be honed into a more accessible package.

SOUNDS LIKE: Imogen Heap, Depeche Mode

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re searching for melodic and soothing pop music that could be the perfect accompaniment to a long drive on a dark, winding road.


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