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The Humour – You’re Gonna Pay

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The Humour – You’re Gonna Pay

NAME: The Humour
ALBUM: You’re Gonna Pay
YEAR: 2010 (June 14th)
LABEL: Altiora

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Play this at top volume

LOCATION: Wakefield, UK

LINE UP: James Taylor (vocals) / Matt Bagley (guitar) / Luke Richards (bass) / Daniel Fahy (drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Exactly what you’d expect from the band’s name, these guys are a light-hearted rock outfit – but in a good way at last. There is a lovely old-skool feel on this record that takes you back to your pimply early nineties days of awkward bodily functions and aunts that make you feel more than a little confused. It’s a fun disc, big dumb rocking fun at that, and will induce smiling mosh pits and has plenty of stadium friendly solo’s. There is a lot of energy included here as well, so stick it on the iPod and skip to work for a change. Serious riffage makes for a huge amount of banging and the huge starjumping chorus on ‘Gasoline’ will have your skull brushing the ceiling. Try to catch them at Download this summer: The Humour will be blinding.
SOUNDS LIKE: if anything, it does suffer from a hearty bout of Offspring syndrome, but it’s very treatable with a course of switching your brain off and enjoying a very entertaining album.

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LINKS: MySpace

– Owen Williams



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