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THe Jolly Boys – Great Expectations

October 2, 2010 by  

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THe Jolly Boys – Great Expectations

NAME: The Jolly Boys
ALBUM: Great Expectations
DATE: 13September2010

LABEL: Wall Of Sound Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Jamaica’s coolest pensioners do covers.


LINE UP: Albert Minott (lead vocals), Joseph “Powda” Bennett (vocals, maracas), Derrick “Johnny” Henry (rumba box), Allan Swymmer (percussion) ,Egbert Watson (banjo)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: If cover albums don’t usually float your boat, ‘Great Expectations’ might just change that. With a combined age of roughly 40,000 years old, The Jolly Boys are more than proof that age is no barrier when it comes to making phenomenal music. With covers of the likes of Blondie, Amy Winehouse, and New Order, there’s unlikely to be a track you don’t recognise, and it’s even more unlikely that the relaxed Jamaican spin on these established hits won’t put a smile on your face.

SOUNDS LIKE: The unmistakeable sound of mento applied to contemporary tracks. If you’ve never heard of ‘mento’ before, but you like banjo and maracas by the bucket load, you’ll soon be a convert.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you’ve ever feared growing old: if The Jolly Boys are anything to go by it seems it’s possible to go grey, lose your teeth, become effortlessly cool and release a cracking album, all at the same time.

LINK: http://www.jollyboysmusic.com/

Submitted By Ruth_Franciszka_Wallbank



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