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The Like – He’s Not A Boy

August 23, 2010 by  

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The Like – He’s Not A Boy

NAME: The Like
SINGLE: He’s Not A Boy
DATE: 31May2010

LABEL: Downtown


FIVE WORD REVIEW: LA Retro Pop Gone Wrong

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

LINE UP: Elizabeth Berg, Tennessee Thomas, Laena Geronimo, Annie Monroe


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Every now and then a song comes along which strikes a chord with listeners, sadly this is not the case with the latest offering from California based foursome The Like with the rather bland offering of ‘He’s Not A Boy’. It’s a short but not snappy pop/borderline country song telling the tale of a boy that can’t be changed. The song just fails to get out of second gear, and becomes very one dimensional very quickly. Maybe The Like should add a bit more attitude to their sound, and come up with something original and worthwhile. But for now avoid on this evidence.

SOUNDS LIKE: A very watered down version of Joan and the Jetts.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Letters to Cleo, a short lived American girl band who succeeded in the mediocre.


Submitted By Pauldowney



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