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The Lines – Glorious Aftermath

September 30, 2010 by  

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The Lines – Glorious Aftermath

NAME: The Lines
ALBUM: Glorious Aftermath
DATE: 22August2010

LABEL: Amboy Road Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Competent but not life changing

LOCATION: Wolverhampton, England

LINE UP: Alex Ohms (vocals), Dean Bate (guitar), Danny Pease (bass), Dave O’Connor (drums).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Favoured by none other than Rob Planter, the Wolverhampton boys are proudly waving the flag for the Midlands’ thriving music scene. Yes, apparently there is one.

Anyway! Behold! ‘The Glorious Aftermath’, single herald of their unnamed debut album, which is apparently out in October.

SOUNDS LIKE: ‘The Glorious Aftermath’ is more of that upbeat, slightly knowing pop-rock that seems to be quite popular these days. They have a fast-paced rattling-down-the-lane delivery, but you can’t help feeling this might be because they’re simply racing to catch up with their predecessors. So while it’s competent there’s not too much to distinguish it from the rest of the pack.

Follow-up track ‘No more, no less’ is a more mature effort than the shiny matt colours of its sibling track. It’s a shade darker and a hair more dangerous with more than a hint of ‘Paint it Black’ to the melody, giving it a sort of paradoxical laconic urgency. Again, however, it’s only ‘good’ and not ‘great’.

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