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The Loud – Payper Tiger Records

June 27, 2011 by  

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The Loud – Payper Tiger Records

NAME: The Loud
EP: Harris Shutter
DATE: 20June2011

LABEL: Payper Tiger Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Dirty Rock and Roll Slurry

LOCATION: Liverpool, UK

LINE UP: Lee Pennington (vocals/guitar) and Matthew Freeman (Bass), Leroy Oxton (drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The Loud used to play in a garage, now they have a record coming out. There’s a lesson in this: DON’T KEEP FIREWORKS IN YOUR POCKET. Their debut single ‘Amy’s Gonna Get You’* is available now.

*She will you know.

‘Amy’s Gonna Get Ya’ has a bizarrely cosy, comforting sound, which seems a bit at odds with its hard guitars and drunken sleaze-like vocals that are a spot for the broken-down screaming portion on classic Pixie’s track Debaser.

By the time ‘Horoscope’ rolls around the sound’s grown on you considerably. It’s the slurred vocals and loud prominent guitars; happily dredging up warm memories of the Ceasers and the aforementioned Pixies. This isn’t a by the number knock-off though, more a salute to a (metaphorically) dead generation. The real kick is that like those name-dropped soundsakes, The Loud sound genuine. An etheral quality, but it’s essentially what marks the difference between a musician and a marketing venture. In this case, it’s the raw nature of the sound – rock and roll by nature rather than genre assignation.

The B-sides are of course of a weaker litter, but their cousins on the A-side speak for a very good pedigree indeed.

Where did these dog metaphors suddenly spring from? Dogs don’t even listen to music. It is a mystery.

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Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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