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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong

NAME: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
ALBUM: Belong
DATE: 28March2011

LABEL: Slumberland Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Nerf tipped, indie pop-rock schlock


LINE UP: Kip Berman – vocals and guitar; Peggy Wang – keyboards and vocals; Alex Naidus – bass; Kurt Feldman – drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: They’ve exploded out of nowhere and the critics are all flying their pennants with all the dull fervour of a 1950s boyscout parade on the fourth of July; it’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heartwith and their new hit album Belong!

SOUNDS LIKE: Sounds uncannily like a de-fanged mash-up between The Smashing Pumpkins and Ash; all breathy, ethereal sounding lyrics and pulsing light fingered guitar – they even manage to reproduce that ghost of mid-nineties nostalgia that always make Ash so appealing. Problem being it’s married to the empty husk of the standard chummy American pop-rock package, a package with all the depth and soul of a burger restaurant mascot. Actually, scratch that, nothing as gritty as a burger chain, make it one of those yuppie, coffee bar, snack sandwich type places.

Slick production values can’t make up for the fact that what you have in your hand is bland, empty tat. Tat that’s practically got ‘alternative’ rubber stamped on it for that perfect illusion of listening to something ‘different’ without being frightened by or challenged by it. Honestly, some of these tracks sound like they’re being hand-picked to serve as Marks and Spencer Chirstmas jingles a few years down the line (I’m looking at you ‘The Body’).

What’s needed here is a little less polish and a bit more bite. The base skill’s already there – in the surprising complexity of the harmonies and boldness of the synth – it just never pays off; leaving you constantly reaching for something more –a bit more meaning, a bit more of an edge – ‘that’s it! Go on! Plunge into the abyss!’ you cry. But it never quite makes it and that, my friends, is the smell of wasted potential.

*Roll Sad Trombone*

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You need to look ‘cool’, without looking so ‘edgy’ as to scare your girlfriend’s boring mates.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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