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The Slips – 4 Elements To Make Good Music

August 29, 2010 by  

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The Slips – 4 Elements To Make Good Music

NAME: The Slips
SINGLE: 4 Elements To Make Good Music
DATE: 6September2010

LABEL: Self-release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Samey Bass-y Harsh Electro Horror


LINE UP: Rob Haggett, David Treahearn, – DJs, Ian Townsend – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: London newcomers The Slips have been peddling their trade in electro remixes for a little while now, causing a ruckus not unlike heavyweights The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. After mixing up a respectable few big tracks the boys are set to win new fans with a slew of gigs promoting their new single.

SOUNDS LIKE: Exactly why these four elements make good music will sadly remain a mystery to me I feel, as much of a mystery as why anyone still enjoys these samey robotic voices over their electro. Call me old fashioned but the good times are slightly ruined by the sound of a distorted voice nonsensically parroting the elements of the periodic table at me. It’s relentless, and really takes away from the otherwise punishing bassline and gradual build of the song. Anything would be better. Maybe even leaving the vocals out of it and letting the music speak for itself? Yeah? Yeah.

Bless ‘em, the lads tried, but this sounds like everything else you’ll come across at a grimy electro night in the city. That said, their remixes are an entirely different beast altogether, and well worth checking out!

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You may like this if you know why exactly these four elements make good music. Why? Seriously..


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