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The Slytones – The Psychedelic Sounds Of

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The Slytones – The Psychedelic Sounds Of

NAME: The Slytones
EP: The Psychedelic Sounds Of
DATE: 29April2011

LABEL: Self Released


FIVE WORD REVIEW: A Disturbing Circus Ride. Interested?

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Ashley Edwards (Guitar/Vocals), Bradley Wescott (Lead Guitar), Carl Brothwood (Bass/Vocals), Chip Phillips (Keys/Vocals), Freddie Hills (Drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Released just two days after the annual event that is Record Store Day, one could not think of a better date for the grand unveiling of The Slytones’ The Psychedilic Sounds Of EP. For while music fans rejoice in the celebration of independent music stores and rekindle their love for exploring tangible products amongst like-minded others, it is also for many a landmark date for music exploration. This is the weekend that one may uncharacteristically seek out fantastical new sounds – taking a punt on something new. Something different can be found here, as the hallucinatory artwork on the cover of The Slytones’ latest EP earmarks an album that one can definitely judge by its cover.

Described by the band as ‘psychedelic garage blues’, The Slytones create music that frantically twists and turns, relentless and unyielding as a chasm of musical snippets are rudely melded together. Instantly felt are the unsettling undertones of the music, as lead singer Ashley Edwards conjures a menacing reality with his raw and jeering vocals, akin to Kyuss’ John Garcia, on opening track ‘Goldie Locks’. This tension is furthered by the expertly chilling harmonies heard foremost on ‘Sorry (Shaking You Off)’.

The circus nature of their song structures only yield more interest, as the choppy nature of tracks such as ‘This Female For Retail’ and ‘Like A Drug’ leave the listener entranced through a whirlwind of musical textures and rhythms. Such a splintered structure could, however, get under many peoples skin, but the brash and uncompromising nature of The Slytones gives the impression that they really couldn’t give a shit.

Call it garage blues. Call it progressive punk. It doesn’t matter; Psychedelic Sounds is something that you are definitely going to receive. Take a ‘punt’ on this record, and prepare your ears for something new.

SOUNDS LIKE: Frank Zappa, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, The Doors, The Mars Volta

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Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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