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The Temper Trap – Conditions – Remixed

November 15, 2010 by  

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The Temper Trap – Conditions – Remixed

NAME: The Temper Trap
ALBUM: Conditions – Remixed
DATE: 1November2010

LABEL: Infectious


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Eclectic and Worthy Remix Collection

LOCATION: Melborne, Australia

LINE UP: Dougy Mandagi, Jonathon Aherne, Lorenzo Sillitto, Sebastian Kirwan, Toby Dundas


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Released a little over a year ago, The Temper Trap’s debut LP, ‘Conditions’ was one of the finest albums to come out in 2009. A dazzling mishmash of styles, expertly cobbled together to create a modern, yet strangely timeless sound, bubbling over with atmospherics and outer-space riffs. Epic single ‘Sweet Disposition’ stayed in the charts for a ridiculous amount of time, played over and over again on the radio until the listening public were almost sick of it. Almost.

Releasing a compilation of remixes after just one album may seem premature, particularly for an indie band. However, like Bloc Party before them, there is much gold to be mined from their original tracks
and the impressive bunch of DJs at work here demonstrate their skills at discovering this to great effect.

SOUNDS LIKE: The album kicks off in fine, club banging form with Rollo and Sister Bliss’ mix of ‘Love Lost.’ The progression and build of the song is somewhat predictable, but who cares when music sounds this good? I defy you to not be bopping along with at least one of your extremities. The pace from this point varies greatly, from stripped down (Alan Wilkis’ version of ‘Sweet Disposition’ is almost glacial in tone) to swirling funk-dub in the form of RUSKO’s atmospheric rendition of ‘Soldier On,’ the angelic vocal line hovvering around tight strands of synth. Peter Bjorn and John bring the pace back up with their insanely catchy, fragmented take on ‘Fools.’ Despite the rapid changes in tone, ‘Conditions – Remixed’ stands cohesively as a great record. The quality throughout remains consistant, each track bringing something new to light. You could listen to this album an infinate number of times and be able to find hidden gems nestling somewhere.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like a bit of dance squished in with your indie. And why not?

LINK: http://www.thetempertrap.com/

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