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The Waterboys – An Appointment With Mr Yeats

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The Waterboys – An Appointment With Mr Yeats

NAME: The Waterboys
ALBUM: An Appointment With Mr Yeats
DATE: 19September2011

LABEL: Proper Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Poetry mixed with musical flair


LINE UP: Mike Scott-voice, lead & rhythm guitar, piano, Steve Wickham- electric fuzz fiddle, rustic fiddle, mandolin. James Hallawell-keyboards, Joe Chester- guitar/vocals, Katie Kim: vocals, Sarah Allen-flute, Kate St John – oboe, sax, cor anglais, Blaise Margail- trombone, Marc “Archie” Arciero –bass, Ralph Salmins- drums.

The Waterboys.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: With a title Influenced by W.B. Yeats, an album offering something different was always going to be a very strong prospect. Mike Scott’s ‘Waterboys’ have set a few of Yeats’poems to music in homage. Something different is not surprising though as throughout the years, the ‘Waterboys’ sound and style has shifted from big music to traditional folk songs. This album starts with ‘The hosting of the Shee’ that in itself, begins with a fairground style introduction. On closer analysis, ‘Song Of The Wandering Aengus’ and ‘A Full Moon In March’ merely serve to amplify Scott’s beautifully crafted arrangements. Because of the structure of the poems, repetition at times becomes a familiar face. On ‘Sweet Dancer’ Scott includes words from Yeats’ ‘The Hour Glass’ play but it proves that Scott isn’t afraid to adapt in order to make a project work. ‘The Lake Of Innisfree’song is quite atmospheric making full use of low level percussion and measured seventies style keyboard sounds. Overall the affectionate and enticing musical sound of the album doesn’t exude a modern feeling. Rather than encouraging a dance fest, the album is more an appreciation of music and literature experimentally fused together.

SOUNDS LIKE: Tom Waits’ musical arrangements mixed in with Michael Crawford theatrical vocals.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you’re partial to thought provoking artistic musical arrangements, and a subtle mix of poetry and music.


Submitted By L.Heath



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