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The Whigs – In The Dark

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The Whigs – In The Dark

NAME: The Whigs
ALBUM: In The Dark
DATE: 24January2010

LABEL: Kartel


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Energetic, loud and quite superb.


LINE UP: Parker Gispert (Guitar/Vocals), Tim Deaux (Bass/Vocals), Julian Dorio (Drums)

The Whigs.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Following 2008’s critically acclaimed Mission Control and extensive tour schedule, the band started recording some demos in 2009 and, on June 1st, decided it was time to hit the studio with producer Ben H Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective). After about a month in the studio, the band took some time off to tour with none other than Kings of Leon, playing sold out arenas across North America. These shows forced them back into the studio to let themselves capture the new sound they’d found whilst touring. After further sessions with producers Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant) and Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon) the band knew they’d made the record they wanted to make, In The Dark, a record which Gispert admittedly used to grow as both a singer and lyricist. And it certainly shows.

SOUNDS LIKE: So what is this new sound the band found? From opening track ‘Hundred/Million’ you’d think it was based around dirty basslines, contagiously addictive drumming and strong southern vocals. Well, you’d be right…to a certain degree. Gispert adds to this with a tremolo picked guitar during the chorus, making this a perfect opener for the album. Flawless.

It doesn’t stop here though. ‘Black Lotus’ and ‘Kill Me Carolyne’ serve as a quick one-two reminder of what the band has grown into, with ‘Kill Me Carolyne’ in particular highlighting how far Gispert has come as a vocalist. But it’s ‘Someone’s Daughter’ which sees The Whigs at their finest. Gispert’s throaty vocals serve as a great lead over Deaux’s thumping bassline and Dorio’s Dead Weather-esque drumming. A compliment, trust me.

The fast-paced ‘So Lonely’ doesn’t disappoint, as we momentarily leave the quick tempo rock ‘n’ roll side of the band and visit their more vulnerable side with ‘Dying’. Kicking off with Deaux and Dorio in control, Gispert comes in with dark vocals, twice reminding us “It used to be right in front of you, now it’s gone” as the music behind him subtly gains pace for a couple of minutes before Gispert reminds us for a final time “It used to be right in front of you, now it’s gone”.

They lose their way a bit with ‘I Don’t Even Care About The One I Love’ and ‘Automatic’ which unfortunately don’t live too long in memory due to lacking any real standout qualities like every other track on the album. They’re just, good.

The record finishes strongly with ‘I Am For Real’, ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Naked’ showing off their new way of doing things in ten minutes, mixing the best qualities the three bring to the band for a delicately uptempo ending to what has been the massive step forward that the band needed to take.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You loved ‘early Kings of Leon’ and need some upbeat, quality rock ‘n’ roll in your life.


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  1. Steve Aucutt says:

    Sounds good, may have to give them a listen.

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