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The Who – The Who – Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Special Edition

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The Who – The Who – Live At Leeds   40th Anniversary Special Edition

NAME: The Who
ALBUM: The Who – Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Special Edition
DATE: 4November2010

LABEL: Polydor


FIVE WORD REVIEW: The Hull Recordings: Finally Released’

LOCATION: Leeds/Hull, UK

LINE UP: Roger Daltrey (vocals), Pete Townshend (Guitar), Keith Moon (drums), John Entwistle (bass)

The Who - Live At Leeds.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it has happened again. But before you go rushing off to vent frustration on a nearby chatroom, let me insist that Madonna has not made another brief visit to Africa, rather The Who – Live At Leeds has been re-released as a 40th Anniversary Special Edition.

But do not fret, as this little (meaning quite big) package contains material of seduction greater than any other to die hard Who-sters. The highly anticipated recordings from the Hull show – the gig recorded a day subsequent to the Leeds show – is for the first time available to hear in full.

Despite the Live At Leeds recordings being hailed by many critics, including The New York Times, as the greatest ever live album, The Who always preferred and intended to release the Hull recordings. “Hull was a better gig than Leeds,” recalls Roger Daltrey. “I remember it like it was yesterday, although in retrospect ‘Live At Hull’ doesn’t really trip off the tongue!”

Due to a recording malfunction, the first four tracks of the Hull show were missing Entwistle’s bass. But now, with great thanks to an elaborate cut and paste job, his parts have been taken from the Leeds show and restored to the Hull recordings.

Opening with ‘Heaven and Hell’, the band caresses an intensity and sheer ferociousness that continues throughout the entire show. It is instantly noticeable that the acoustics are better at the Hull City Hall, limiting the consistent crackles heard throughout the Leeds offerings. Keith Moon’s ferocity rips through the sonic sheet as Johnny Entwistle’s bass work provides the thunder to the constant flash of brilliance from Townshend. It is very easy to hear the individual components of the band, the defining characteristics of each member, whilst also being impossible to not be lured towards the gravitas created by the feral blend of the four members collectively. No single member is confined to the background as a personified version of the band name they play under. All find their voice in these recordings, and all are shouting loud.

With a track listing almost identical to the Live At Leeds record, the band rip through acclaimed rock opera Tommy in it’s entirety, and other classic tracks including ‘I Can’t Explain’, ‘Shakin’ All Over’ and a fifteen minute marathon of their cult classic ‘My Generation’ which vindicates Townshend’s continual presence in ‘Greatest Guitarists’ lists. This is not just a fulfilling addition to the mass of live recordings; it is a testament to one of the best live acts this world has ever seen. This is rock’n’roll at its finest.

In this eco-friendly age, you would need 10,000 Townshends’ windmilling to provide power for a show of this magnitude. This is me telling you to go and buy this album!

SOUNDS LIKE: Rock’n’roll: live and at it’s finest.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like scooters/fashionable clothes/bust ups on Brighton beach


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