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The Young Veins – Take A Vacation!

July 8, 2010 by  

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The Young Veins – Take A Vacation!

NAME: The Young Veins
ALBUM: Take A Vacation!
DATE: 6July2010

LABEL: One Haven Music


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Look, Liverpool’s new favourite band!

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

LINE UP: Ryan Ross(vocals/guitar), Jon Walker(vocals/guitar),Nick Murray(drums),Andy Soukal(bass),Nick White(keyboard)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The Young Veins is the new project from ex-Panic! At The Disco members, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, and it is certainly far removed from the synth-laden pop that the two men previously helped to commercially pioneer.

Prior to dissecting this album, I’ll offer the background context.

In 2005-2007, Panic! At The Disco dominated mainstream airwaves, as `A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ consolidated itself as the soundtrack to the MySpace generation.

Regretably, 2008 wasn’t quite as prosperous. Thanks to their heavily disapproved second album, Panic! At The Disco spent the year in the depths of obscurity. To exacerbate their plight, Paramore then claimed the remaining portions of their depleted fan base. Ultimately, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker then concluded that there was “musical differences” in the camp and left the outfit in 2009.

Consequently, Ryan and Jon established The Young Veins and released this record, `Take A Vacation!’

The aptly titled opener `Change’ truly evidences the motif of The Young Veins: simplistic instrumentation and soothing melodies. The uplifting nature of the track is explicitly akin to The Beach Boys.

`Take A Vacation!’ and `Cape Town’ continue in a similar vein. Essentially, it is apparent that The Young Veins aren’t Panic! At The Disco Version 2.0. Instead of the common tale of colliding egos, there could be truth to the duo’s `musical differences’ with the rest of their ex-band members.

`The Other Girl’ operates as an active emulation of The Beatles, and evokes imagery of 1960s Americana. Ross and Walker inarguably produce remarkable vocal synergy on `Heart Of Mine’. Figuratively, the track sounds like The Killers’ front man, Brandon Flowers fronting The Beatles.

Although, whilst these tracks are well-crafted and performed with competence, does the music industry really require another nostalgic tribute to the 1960s? Personally, I’d like to believe that music has evolved since that era.

`Take A Vacation!’ is a respectable homage to the 1960s society. If you’re a 60’s enthusiast, this album will be an oasis of audible delight. Conversely, if you’re a proponent of innovation and evolution, this album can be wholly disregarded.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and the ideal soundtrack to a game of invigorating, scintillating…

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You have the script of `A Hard Day’s Night’ enclosed in an amply sized `glasshouse'(with ventilation holes), and refer to it as `The Bible’.


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