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Thomas White – Accidentally Like A Martyr

June 14, 2010 by  

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Thomas White – Accidentally Like A Martyr

NAME: Thomas White
EP: Accidentally Like A Martyr
DATE: 13June2010

LABEL: Cooking Vinyl


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Former ESP Man Goes Diverse

LOCATION: Brighton, United Kingdom

LINE UP: Thomas White

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Sometimes the best way to introduce yourself to a new audience is to be diverse, and this is exactly what Thomas White has chosen to do, on new EP ‘Accidentally Like a Martyr.’
The former Electric Soft Parade man experiments with straight up rock, soul and even a cover of Louie Armstrong, you can’t knock him for trying.
The results do differ mind.
‘Accidentally..’ the lead track here is a full on folk-rock anecdote, which is enhanced further by White’s soothing vocals.
‘Thats how I escaped..’ clocks in at just over two minutes, and White provides a full indie rock sound which recalls early Feeder.
‘I’ll see you in my dreams’ is a soulful touch which strangely works, with its dreamy lo-fi sound.
The less said about his psychedelic cover of ‘We have all the time in the world’ the better.
There are encouraging noises coming from White here, and a certain diversity which this a solid if not not spectacular effort.

SOUNDS LIKE: In parts early Feeder, Teenage Fanclub

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Feeder, Teenage Fanclub.


Submitted By Pauldowney



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