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Thomas White – The Maximalist

March 5, 2010 by  

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Thomas White – The Maximalist

NAME: Thomas White
ALBUM: The Maximalist
YEAR: 15th March
LABEL: Cooking Vinyl

FIVE WORD REVIEW: White Combines All In Rock

LOCATION: Brighton

LINE UP: Thomas White

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Multi-instrumentalist, multi skilled producer, multi faceted ‘everything man’ Thomas White, takes a break from ‘other projects’ to construct this chamber-like exploration of rock.

SOUNDS LIKE: Thomas White probably makes a lot of people very jealous. Not only does he write and play all his own music, he produces it too. But that’s not the exciting part. We’re talking Dictaphones, old four-track cassette recorders, freeware garnered off the net and a whole host of stole and borrowed instruments and equipment to make this magnum opus.

The album in question effortlessly combines elements of shoegaze, indie, post rock, glam, punk, electronica and anything else you could care to imagine, reduces it down to a thick post-modern broth and serves with a side of self assured cool.

There are times when you swear you can hear elements of famous and influential albums, but then the originality of Thomas White’s productions (check out ‘Moonlight and Snow’), binds it all together and keeps it fresh and forward thinking. There are plenty of times during this LP that you feel the urge to applaud the CD player as if Mr White was crouched down inside it, making the magic from within.

This album is proof that you don’t need a major label, the world’s most expensive studio and an entourage of experts around you to create something truly groundbreaking, you just need vision, knowledge and style to make a mark.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: Anything truly influential from the past century, post rock, post modern musings.

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Ian Gullon



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