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Thousand Autumns – City Of Sun

January 17, 2011 by  

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Thousand Autumns – City Of Sun

NAME: Thousand Autumns
EP: City Of Sun
DATE: 28February2011

LABEL: Frontline Management


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Funeral For A Friend? Again?

LOCATION: Hertfordshire, UK

LINE UP: Josh Fox – vocals, Alex Williams – guitar Rob Jenkins – guitar, Sam Lidington – drums, and Tom Newman – bass


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Hertfordshire’s Thousand Autumns have moved quickly – forming less than a year ago, they’ve already built up quite a following in their native land andlauded by the alternative music press as ones to watch in 2011. Gaining momentum at an alarming rate, ‘City of Sun’ is their debut E.P, containing more addictive choruses, clean guitar sequences and pop sensibilites than you can shake a stick at.

SOUNDS LIKE: Thousand Autumns sound very much like Funeral For A Friend. I mean, a lot like Funeral For A Friend. Seriously. A lot. So much so that ‘City of Sun’ could easily be mistaken for a lost FFAF E.P. It is as shiny and polished as anything the Welshmen ever made, with enough vocal effects to create an insanely smooth and melodic bunch of tracks, while the obligatory screamy parts make predictable appearances here and there. These guys are using a tried and tested formula that will undoubtedly win them oodles of fans guzzling down their plastic-y rage and a wealth of angsty, sketchy T-shirt designs featuring birds, ships, dinosaurs and whatever else it is the kids are into these days.

This isn’t to say this E.P is bad. Quite to the contrary, this a well honed collection of upbeat, vitriolic and extremely well put together rock songs. If the lyrics are ignored (it’s for the best, honestly) the vocal lines can be enjoyed as exercises in jubilant soaring around quite excellent examples of musicianship from the rhythm section. The title track throws you right in at the deep end, a raucously catchy song that even includes a little guitar solo. Daaww. If this isn’t a hit on Kerrang Radio, all is not right with the world. The following tracks follow suit, with a ludicrous amount of hooks, meaning even the most jaded of listeners will be nodding along at some point. A shame then, that a strange sense of deja vu permeates the collection, everything here sounds awfully familiar. Thousand Autumns haven’t even attempted a slight tweaking of the genre, all it’s features remain indignantly in place.

In addition to the lamentable lack of innovation, the only real and surprising letdown is the closing track, ‘I Chose Not To Remember.’ It features a wealth of cringe-inducing, Busted-ish lyrics sung pretty merrily before melting into a combination of hardcore-lite yelling (some of which is inadvertantly quite amusing) with chirpy, shimmery pop riffs. A jarring song indeed, leaving a bad taste in the mouth, particularly with those that came before it being near perfect examples of this genre. Hopefully in time, these young chaps will grow weary of the ‘sing sing sing, scream scream scream’ formula and will add some welcome elaborations to their sound.

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Oh, and did I mention Funeral For A Friend? They sound a bit like them, too.


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