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Thursday – No Devolucion

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Thursday – No Devolucion

NAME: Thursday
ALBUM: No Devolucion
DATE: 12April2011

LABEL: Epitaph


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Is this actually Thursday, really?

LOCATION: New Jersey, US

LINE UP: Andrew Everding – keyboards, synthesizer; Tom Keeley – guitar; Tim Payne – bass guitar ; Steve Pedulla – guitar, backing vocals; Geoff Rickly – lead vocals; Tucker Rule – drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: The words ‘post-hardcore’ and Thursday have become synonymous with each other across the years. Simply put, the New Jersey outfit laid the bricks that many latter bands either built upon (La Dispute, Touché Amore) or eviscerated with a pneumatic drill (Senses Fail).

Therefore, it may be surprising to discover that Thursday have distanced themselves from their roots with’No Devolucion’. Neglecting their trademark juxtaposition of screams and melody, Geoff Rickly and co have crafted a record that evolves the style they attempted with 2006’s ‘A City By The Light Divided’ , though the results are mixed.

‘Fast To The End’ is the perfect introduction to the album, as it conveys the kind of melancholic musical approach that is prominent throughout the record; jarring guitars merge with Rickly’s vocals in a captivating style that shares characteristics with Joy Division.

This same structure is again proven to be effective in ‘Past And Future Ruins’, which offers the atmospheric tension that made 2008’s ‘You Were The Cancer’ so indispensable for fans.

It is during ‘Empty Glass’ and ‘A Darker Forest’ that Thursday’s musical motif begins to enter tedium. These songs are ambitiously written, though they adopt a slower tempo and are devoid of any moments that can be called truly memorable.

‘No Devolucion’ is a record that is sure to divide opinion among Thursday’s faithful, but the creativity and fortitude shown within it has to be admired.

SOUNDS LIKE: Thursday separating from their post-hardcore influences in order to pursue a new musical vision.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: The idea of affecting, atmospheric music appeals to you more than catchy post-hardcore hooks.


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