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Trichotomy – The Gentle War

January 27, 2011 by  

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Trichotomy – The Gentle War

NAME: Trichotomy
ALBUM: The Gentle War
DATE: 24January2011



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Jazz Piano comes of age

LOCATION: Australia

LINE UP: Sean Foran – Piano, John Parker – Percussion – Pat Marchisella – Acoustic Bass


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Trichotomy – The Australian Piano Trio of Trichotomy have launched an album that goes through many moods. From the cheery opener, ‘Chase’ to the syncopated ‘Wrestle’ or the more Bill Evans like mood piece of ‘Blues for the Space’ the trio of Pianist and composer Sean Foran, percussionist John Parker and Pat Marchisella cover a lot of ground. This is serious music, made by series musicians, but it is accessible, tuneful, mature and brilliantly balanced. The title track opens with cymbal splashes and bass, before the Piano takes the audience through a number of moods, from reflection to pathos and back again. Although most of the music is written by Sean Foran, two of the tracks are from the pen of Parker, with ‘Cute’ being the most accessible, having a tuneful opening mood, before drums and percussion, and darkly dischordant piano notes meet up to spoil the mood His second piece, ‘Shut Up’ starts with the dischordant parts, and only gets more deranged than that. Although the two different writers have clearly different writing styles, the album tracks do sit together well, and although the shortest track is more than four minutes, and the longest is nearly nine minutes, there is enough to maintain the interest of anyone listening to it.

SOUNDS LIKE: Bill Evans, E.S.T, Billy Taylor Trio, etc

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like accesible Jazz music that goes through a lot of moods, and does not outstay its welcome.


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