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Tom Jones – Did Trouble Me/Don’t Knock

July 21, 2010 by  

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Tom Jones – Did Trouble Me/Don’t Knock

NAME: Tom Jones
SINGLE: Did Trouble Me/Don’t Knock
DATE: 26July2010

LABEL: Island


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Old Lion can still roar


LINE UP: Tom Jones (Vocals) and various studio musicians.

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The 70 year old singer returns with his newest release, ‘Praise and Blame’ with a two song single from it. It follows the well worn career path of singers returning to the well of their original inspiration. Johnny Cash did it with his last few albums, and the records were commercially and critically succesful, and hopefully this new release will follow that trend. The double A sided release takes songs from the opposite extremes of sounds on the album. ‘Did Trouble me’ by Susan M Werner is all gentle, almost whispered vocals, with a backing of strings, banjo, and soft drums and bass, whereas ‘Don’t knock’ by Roebuck Staples and Wesley Westbrook is a three chord stomper, with electric instruments and backing vocalists. It is mature music, which will hopefully appeal to both his long term fans, and those he has picked up in his recent career revival.

SOUNDS LIKE: what you imagine Elvis Presley might be doing now.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: if you like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, the Staple Singers, the Band, and always thought Tom Jones was too unfairly dismissed as a caricature.


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