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Top Buzzer – Remission

June 14, 2011 by  

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Top Buzzer – Remission

NAME: Top Buzzer
SINGLE: Remission
DATE: 13June2011

LABEL: Back2Forward Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Impressive and addictive pop punk

LOCATION: Jersey, Channel Islands

LINE UP: Dukey – Vox/Bass, Welshy – Drums/Vox, Becksi – Guitar/Vox


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Jersey band Top Buzzer, since their inception three years ago, has slowly but surely gained a good following and respectful praise in the UK and an even more obvious support and success in the US on the back of tours and dates plus radio play out there. With an irrepressible playful sound and stirring vibrant energy, the new single ‘Remission’ should open up the UK even more to the trio. Their debut release The Hands Up EP which entered the CMJ Top 200 National Chart in the USA showed a band with a strong confidence in their ability to write songs that were quirky, witty, and addictive; with the new release they take it a step further producing a pop punk track that is irresistible.

Released on their own Back2Forward Records, ‘Remission’ sizzles with delicious melodies and instant hooks around smart lyrics that sting with defiant wit; the declaration of the demise of a love and the acceptance of the end of the relationship acidic. The trio produce a sound that has a definite throwback feel to late seventies pop punk which they have fused with a fresh, indie urgency. From the first sight of the cd sleeve there is that nostalgic feeling, the packaging a reminder of the DIY efforts from bands like Television Personalities, The Shapes, and the first Undertones single. Musically on their first EP there was a spikier punk flavour but on ‘Remission’ they have added an even more instant pop sound as well, it flows and demands attention with a blend of The Motors and Radio Stars from back then with the more current punk elements of a Violent Delight or Max Raptor. The drums from Welshy, and the bass riffs of Dukey, are punchy and forceful around the teasing and satisfying guitar play from Becksi, the threesome making a tight sound for Dukey to deliver the song’s fun lyrics and sentiment wonderfully.

Top Buzzer have supported and shared stages with the likes of Babyshambles, The Futureheads, Dizzee Rascal, and Primal Scream in Russia, and it is no surprise they can fit with such a varied array of music styles. Their instant and pleasing sound so perfectly represented by ‘Remission’, is a party waiting to happen in the ear for everyone. The single is also the perfect introduction to the band ahead of the release of their debut album, Outside Is A World on June 27th and a blatantly obvious reason why checking out the forthcoming release is essential.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Undertones and Radio Stars in a full on relationship with Max Raptor.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you want to recall the days of great punk pop that has been beefed up and infused with modern urgency.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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