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Triptykon – Shatter

October 15, 2010 by  

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Triptykon – Shatter

NAME: Triptykon
EP: Shatter
DATE: 25October2010

LABEL: Century Media Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: So Heavy It’s Almost Painful

LOCATION: Zurich, Switzerland

LINE UP: Thomas Gabriel Warrior – Vocals, V. Santura – Guitars, Norman Lonhard – Drummer, Vanja Slaj – Bass


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Rising from the ashes of the aurally breathtaking (but sadly now defunct) Celtic Frost, metal behemoth Thomas G. Warrior has cobbled together a band that sound, well, pretty much the same.

Be under no illusion that this is a bad thing, though -Triptykon’s debut of earlier this year, Eparistera Daimones was a huge triumph of moody atmospherics and hulking slabs of grizzly noise. After this success, the band return with ‘Shatter,’ comprising of three unreleased tracks and two new live performances that showcase the anguished might of Warrior’s creepy, growly vocals and the unashamed power of the band’s heavy, heavy guitars.

SOUNDS LIKE: This E.P is brilliant, everything in the right place for toe tappin’ head banging fun wherever. For metal of this ilk, this collection is surprisingly catchy, and deserves to sit snugly next to your Opeth and Mastodon records at home. The three recorded tracks from the album session provide a wide range of what the band are capable of, from the opening war-drums and crunching bass of ‘Shatter’ to the dark, arthouse-horror soundscapes of Crucifixus. Female vocals pop up every now and again which adds a softer yet somehow more sinister element to the music which compliments the seething of the lead vocalist’s efforts and the wailing guitars that slide around the background. The two live tracks round off the E.P nicely, giving a real flavour of the atmosphere at Triptykon’s gigs; and should rightly make you chomp at the bit for the chance to catch them live at the just subtle enough noise of the crowd going absolutely nuts.

Good stuff all round then. Triptykon deserve all the acclaim they’re receiving in the metal press of late; go buy this E.P, you won’t be disappointed.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: After hearing the band’s debut you’ve been hankering after more meaty chunks of heavy-ness.


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