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Turbogeist – Alien Girl/Rats

April 3, 2011 by  

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Turbogeist  – Alien Girl/Rats

NAME: Turbogeist
SINGLE: Alien Girl/Rats
DATE: 1January2010

LABEL: Big Meanie Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Riff laden driven garage punk


LINE UP: Jimmy Jagger guitar,vocals, Luis Felber guitar, James Dunson bass, Josh Ludlow drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Let us not waste time but get to the all important line of this review from the start. The debut release from London band Turbogeist is simply the most exciting single to reach these ears so far in 2011. Since playing together as a band for over a year the quartet have whipped up a following and anticipation which has led to slots sharing stages with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Japanese Voyeurs and to waves of excitement amongst a growing following of fans. Now they release their double A-sided debut ‘Alien Girl/Rats’ and so impressive it is that surely this will really thrust them to the forefront of attention.
Turbogeist’s duo of tracks hit hard with an 80’s punk sound recalling The Misfits and The Replacements updated with the darker indie thrusts of an Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster or Engerica and are a double barrel of intense joy. The line-up of Jimmy Jagger guitarist and vocalist, who’s urgent delivery lights up the way for the track, second guitarist Luis Felber, James Dunson with his deep throbbing basslines, and the energy driving drummer Josh Ludlow, combine to bring uniqueness and full on in the face impossible to ignore dark garage punk. Though a double A single ‘Alien Girl’ will certainly be the lead track for people of the two, dripping with riffs and a twisted pop chant chorus, and a lighter though a no less forceful attack than its partner. Jagger and Felber throw in crashes and hooks galore as Dunson’s bass pleasures and entices the listener to move to its direction.
‘Rats’ is more of a wall of sound and adds a garage rock/post punk edge like the bastard sound of The Misfits and The Horrors and reinforces and continues on from its sister track the realisation and thrill that Turbogeist have the energy and difference that it seems is lacking in the majority of new artists. The real exciting thing is that as this is their debut release and it is this good that what should be ahead is nothing short of mouth watering and groin tingling. The foursome has started up the beast that is Turbogeist with a direct and assured attack and opened up the way to take music down the direction they want rather than treading established well trodden paths

SOUNDS LIKE: The Misfits/The Replacements meeting The Horrors/Engerica.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Romping 80’s punk distilled in dark indie freakiness.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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