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Two Spot Gobi – The Sun Will Rise

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Two Spot Gobi – The Sun Will Rise

NAME: Two Spot Gobi
ALBUM: The Sun Will Rise
DATE: 1February2011

LABEL: Self-Release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Drippy Beachy Eastern-Tinged Meander

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: James Robinson – vocals, Rob Lewis – cello, Dino Randhawa – guitar, Ben Daniel – drums, Matt Ellis – bass Ben Matthews – trumpet


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Two Spot Gobi’s claim to fame (fame as in you may have heard their name but still have no idea who they are) comes from the fact that reggae toting dullard Jason Mraz discovered them playing a bar in Plymouth. He thought they were so great that he even graces this album with his vocals on ‘Tomorrow.’ Why thank you, Mr. Mraz, you are spoiling us. To add to the excitement, ‘The Sun Will Rise’ was produced by legendary producer Niko Bolas. Legendary to some for his work with Neil Young, legendary to others for being a fearsome dragon in Magic: The Gathering. (Seriously, change that ‘K’ for a ‘C’, add an ‘L’ and you’ve got yourself a big ol’ dragon.) But I digress…

SOUNDS LIKE: ‘The Sun Will Rise’ is unoffensive in every way, to the point that it could be regarded as pretty offensive. Easy Listening to the nth degree of easy, there isn’t much to get excited about here. Aptly named ‘You Make it Easy’ is the aural equivalent of a warm sandy beach, with next to no surf on the water, bronzed hippy types lazing around burning incense and attempting to barbeque tofu. Sounds pleasant enough, but the incense is so flowery it makes you gag, and the tofu melts into a sticky, smelly mess in the golden sand. When the vocals kick in a bit more, it’s already too late and you’re running away from the beach in sheer terror.

Perhaps I am being too harsh; opener ‘Guiding Star’ is vastly superior to the rest of what’s on offer, a lilting, floaty melody with an urgent chorus that would sound a bit like Incubus if some funky bass was added. This is most probably the reason the rest of the album disappoints so much, while being put together and produced expertly by our fire-breathing friend, it is lamentably forgettable and pretty twee. The much-hyped Eastern influence of the band does not appear much, which is quite a shame – when different instruments and atmospherics are used that deviate from the lulling standard here things get considerably more interesting. Mraz’s foray on ‘Tomorrow,’ however, is as melty as the aforementioned tofu and should be avoided at all costs.

This said, Two Spot Gobi will most probably be huge in 2011. They have already supported Michael Buble, and have just the right Jack Johnson-ish sound to ensure them being played at dinner parties of ‘still cool’ 30-something couples for the next few years. An illustrious future indeed. Pass the tofu..

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like Jack Johnson, David Gray and lazy beach time.


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