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Two Wounded Birds – All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave

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Two Wounded Birds   – All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave

NAME: Two Wounded Birds
SINGLE: All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave
DATE: 18April2012

LABEL: Moshi Moshi Singles Club


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Pure joy garage surf punk


LINE UP: Johnny Danger, Ally Blackgrove, Tom Akers, James Shand


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Margate quartet Two Wounded Birds are just about to release a little bit of surf heaven, well that is if you like it served slightly twisted, scuzzed up and coated in a thick coating of garage punk. Their new double a-sided single sees them shouting out from the high they found themselves put at after their tour with The Drums in 2010 and the acclaim for their debut EP and now the band is ready to push things further. Formed in 2008 Two Wounded Birds are soaked in influences that are immediately apparent as soon as their songs start but they take those sounds that played a part in their informative years adding them to their own darker more energetic tones.
First of the double A’s is ‘All We Wanna Do’, a joy of feedback, rampant drums and scuzzy guitar melodies united to bring a fusion of Beach Boys and The Ramones caked in the Juices of early The Horrors. The track ends with the same scratchy joy as the intro so wonderfully top and tailing just short of 2 minutes of pure surf garage punk pleasure. The vocals carry a Joey Ramone type tone as do the harmonies all through the song creating a summer feel with delicious chaotic overtones. The sister track is ‘Midnight Wave’ a darker slice of rock crossing the psychobilly garage of The Cramps with The Barracudas and taking it to the beach under a bright full moon. Drums thumping and guitar cruising, the track rocks relentlessly in its again sub two minute burst. Both tracks were recorded in single takes at the Ranscombe Studios creating as near a perfect release as one could hope to find. As a treat also in the package is the crazed ‘surfadelic’ instrumental ‘Do The Jay Jay’ with its wonderful deep resonating bass, whining guitars and classic 60’s synth play. It sits perfectly between the other two tracks and as the longest track at just over 2 minutes, is a triumphant interlude and addition. Think bands like The Bomboras but with attitude and you can imagine its worth as a piece of music.
‘All We Wanna Do/Midnight Wave’ is a package of quality, fun and intensely pleasurable sounds which can only not only cement the buzz over Two Wounded Birds but elevate them further into the limelight and a must need and see for the impending festival season.

SOUNDS LIKE: Beach Boys and The Ramones mixed with The Cramps

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you desire a soundtrack to midnight full moon antics.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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