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v0id – Zer0

April 24, 2010 by  

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v0id – Zer0

NAME: v0id
YEAR: 2010 (June 28th)
LABEL: Raven Black Music

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Radio-friendly and steady rock offering.

LOCATION: Sawnsea, Wales

LINE UP: Wayne (vocals/guitar) / Pricey (guitars/backing vocals) / Crafty (bass/piano) / Gary (drums/percussion)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Welsh rockers offer twelve tracks of unbridled mediocrity, showing a limited range of pace and purpose; with solid tunes and big uplifting choruses aplenty (‘All Cause Of You…’ and ‘Badge Of Honour’ for example), I’m sure you’ll be hearing some of these tunes on a C4 documentary soon. In fact, this could happily soundtrack any episode of Hollyoaks. It’s a perky and elevating album, with neat musical flourishes and powerful vocals. ‘Zer0’ is on the classic side of rock and the rock side of indie, and although this middle-ground straddling doesn’t particularly harm the album, it adds nothing to the sound. In fact, it all sounds rather dated.

SOUNDS LIKE: a Bon Jovi tribute act, with a smattering of Snow Patrol and The Feeling on the more measured songs.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: singing in the shower, and need an album to wash over you while you scrub away the horrors of your day.

LINKS: MySpace

– Owen Williams




One Response to “v0id – Zer0”
  1. I tend to have a different view to the review above.

    With their second album entitled ‘Zer0’, they are clearly not a one truck pony. The new tracks show fans they aren’t going anywhere — anywhere but the top. Whether you’re a fan from their tour gigs or a new fan, V0iD’s ‘Zer0’ has lots to offer.
    The opening beats to the first catchy track alone make you think of rock but with an indie injection! V0iD are unashamed to put their heart on their sleeve while cranking the volume and this is reflected in the lyrics of California’s Burning, a track that everyone can relate to, that brings rock back.

    To put it in sword terms: If the album ‘Ballads for Beauties and Beasts’ was their Rapier to your heart, ‘Zer0’ is their Broad Sword to your soul…

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