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Vadoinmessico – Curling Up Your Spine

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Vadoinmessico – Curling Up Your Spine

NAME: Vadoinmessico
ALBUM: Curling Up Your Spine
DATE: 6May2011

LABEL: Unsigned


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Enjoyable, if inoffensive, folk pop.


LINE UP: Giorgio Poti, Salvador Garza, Stefan Miksch, Alessandro Marrosu, Joe White.

Vadoinmessico - Curling Up Your Spine.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Fresh off the back of a little bit of success on the radio in both Germany and the US, this strangely-titled band are releasing this slightly twee tune ahead of their album in the autumn. ‘Curling Up Your Spine’, when listed online, looks like it’s going to be a heavy and angry affair – more so with a band name like Vadoinmessico. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Furthermore, it’s actually really nice.

Floating vocals are wonderfully complemented by a quick, repetitive acoustic guitar that anticipates any possibility of listener annoyance with a sharp, well-placed key change or five. Behind all this, an ethereal tune works its way around the dominating guitar without being overbearing. You get occasional glimpses of other bands, though there’s certainly a level of The Beatles and their B-sides from their transitional phase in the late 60s. A grandiose thing to say, I know, though that’s not a measure of quality – only Vadoinmessico’s style.

The only real criticism with this offering is that it’s the kind of tune that could get lost on British radio – it’d only really be suited to the likes of 6Music and, truth be told, Vadoinmessico wouldn’t really stand out with this song given the wide variety of approaches that artists on the station have to breaking through and making a name for themselves. Nonetheless, ‘Curling Up Your Spine’ is good music to work to, walk to or relax to. The only thing still to be seen is whether or not they’ll take a full-blown folk route, embrace pop or go down a more psychedelic route; let’s hope it’s a bit of all three.

SOUNDS LIKE: A cross between Air and Metronomy, with undertones of late Beatles.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You don’t want to be too challenged by music, but you want to enjoy the experience regardless of what you’re doing.


Submitted By Matt Gardner



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