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Violent Soho – Bombs Over Broadway/ Son of Sam

May 11, 2010 by  

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Violent Soho  – Bombs Over Broadway/ Son of Sam

NAME: Violent Soho
SINGLE: Bombs Over Broadway/ Son of Sam
YEAR: May 10th 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: OK for music on mushrooms.

LOCATION: Queensland, Australia

LINE UP: Luke Boerdam – Vocals Guitar / James Tidswell – Vocals Guitar / Luke Henery – Bass / Michael Richards – Drums

WHAT’S THE STORY?: They describe their music as ‘four chord pop songs played after a few bucket bongs’. At least they’re honest – which has done them numerous favours. Wherever they go, they’re heralded by Big Cheeses, and it’s highly likely down to their ballsy ‘this-is-us’ attitude. Rick Rubin was suitably impressed by the quartet, as was Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore.

SOUNDS LIKE: someone’s got a sore throat after inhaling too much smoke. If Billy Corgan was an angry schizophrenic, these could be Smashing Pumpkins’ tunes. Some of the more forgettable ones, admittedly.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: drugs, garage rock, rough vocals over decent-enough song writing.

LINKS: MySpace

– Judas Morgan



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