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Way Pristine – Inverted/Converted

May 12, 2010 by  

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Way Pristine – Inverted/Converted

NAME: Way Pristine
ALBUM: Inverted/Converted
YEAR: 2010 (June 7th)
LABEL: Shake

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Dull indie posing from Italy.

LOCATION: Genoa, Italy

LINE UP: Paul Blake (vocals) / John Gray (guitar) / Steve Greetz (guitar) / Mark Holger (bass) / Chris Silver (drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Morose alt-rockers Way Pristine flob out their debut album ‘Inverted/Converted’ to a whimpering idiot audience. This is really banal, simplistic, lazy, and just a little daft. Pointless… pointless is the word I am looking for. Way Pristine define the term ‘no-one’s favourite band’. It’s poser-y, posturing, drawn and clinical, like music made by a traffic committee. Really, there is nothing here. Maybe that’s harsh… well… ok, then. ‘I Realise’ is a quite decent rip of Nickelback, and will probably get the boys laid, but the song itself is nothing to be proud of. And lest I forget, the piece de resistance, ‘Last Poem’ is a sickly glucose tuna melt of sap, with acoustic guitars, strings and piano that combine to a horrible, clichéd, dreadful but ultimately unintentionally hilarious song.

SOUNDS LIKE: everything on commercial rock radio, with the volume cranked all the way up to 7.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: Ehanging around with Emo girls with an age/IQ under 14.

LINKS: MySpace

– Owen Williams



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