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Waylayers – Weightless E.P.

July 7, 2011 by  

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Waylayers – Weightless E.P.

NAME: Waylayers
EP: Weightless E.P.
DATE: 1August2011

LABEL: Unsigned


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Mixed bag with some promise


LINE UP: Harry – Frontman, Joe – Guitarist, Dave – Bassist


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Attention. London based electro-lads, Waylayer’s are about to release their first E.P. ‘Weightless’!


That’s right berls and grills, time to stick it on the dissection table! Hope you’re not feeling squeamish. Any fluids encountered are strictly non-toxic.

Apparently you can grab it here for free: http://www.waylayers.co.uk/

SOUNDS LIKE: It’s a bloody good thing the eighties were such an awesome decade for music, otherwise all these tribute electro acts would swift become tiresome…

Actually the synth work on Weightless opener ‘Sinking In’ is pretty professional. It’s a bit like listening to a Vangelis/Depeche Mode cross, emphasis on the Mode. Cool and sophisticated, with plenty of long, sweeping, black notes, its mood pretty much matches up perfectly to its namesake.

In comparison ‘Weightless’ holds a faster pace, with a more contemporary keyboard arrangement and composite keener edge. Lighter in tone, but with heavier percussion, this has far more Indie it’s blood than electro and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stereophonics support bill.

Hear No Lies is a winner. It’s got the umpf to match the pace of Weightless and an excellent piano section on the beginning of each refrain, which with the vocals creates a paradoxically progressive, yet regretful synthesis. It’s promising stuff – the sort that steals radio airplay even if the vocals do occasionally let it down when they change tempo during the latter half of its run time.

Big Machines can’t really hope to follow this under its own anaemic whiff of steam, like a subdued, mumbling, drawn out dance track. In fact, it’s a bit of a downhill slope from here as album closer ‘The Shine’ can’t master much in the way of umph either. The chorus is pretty good, but everything else is faded and blurry… Ah well.

Melodic, sophisticated, yet non-threatening, this is the sort of stuff that could latch into the same sort of niche Toploader did (sharper than Toploader though). You’ll probably like it until you find out your mum does also and then you’ll be quietly embarrassed.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like all that sort of Toploadery stuff. You want to kiss Depeche Mode on the bot-bot. That’s right – slap dab on the bot-bot.

LINK: http://www.waylayers.co.uk/

Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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