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We are Enfant Terrible – Explicit Pictures

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We are Enfant Terrible – Explicit Pictures

NAME: We are Enfant Terrible
ALBUM: Explicit Pictures
DATE: 6April2010

LABEL: Last Gang Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Reaches far, can’t hold on

LOCATION: Lille, France

LINE UP: Clo Floret: keys/vocals; Thomas Fourny: guitar; Cyril Debarge: drums/programming


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Those damn kids. They’ve only gone and done it again – released a brand new album all over Mr. O’Sullivan’s prized marrow patch. They’ll have the constable after them for sure. It’s all that 8-bit music they listen to these days… sends em’ wrong it does.

Witness the devastation in a series of shocking and outrageous Explicit Pictures!

SOUNDS LIKE: Chiptune’s still a criminally under-plumed genre at the moment so it’s a relief to see Enfant Terrible are keen to take the style over new artistic horizons. It’s neither a sidepiece nor the soul focus, but a properly integrated component of the band proper and they certainly take it in new and eclectic directions.

Lobster Quadrille sports some truly rocking, tense action guitar sequences, with some sexy vocals overlaying the bleep sequences; arcade at its best. While Spade Attack manages to be spooky and fruity at the same time, helped along by a Go-Team-esque chorus section. It sounds a bit like Scooby and the Gang investigating the Mystery of the Haunted Children’s Funfair as all the pinball machines light up in sequence.

Yet it’s their very willingness to explore that proves to be their undoing. Explicit Pictures is a dreamy mash-up of styles and sounds that at times borders on the incoherent, tugging and twisting in new directions mid-track, seemingly at the drop of a hat. Like a decaying machine – there’s a lot of spark and light, but it’s all happening out of concert and in different directions. And while the vocals occasionally come out on top, quite often they’re too slushy and distorted to make much headway against the music-workshop going on around them, melting into a sort of psychedelic mumble-drone when they should be shooting a sound stiletto down your audio canal.

It seems cruel to cast comparisons with Crystal Castles, but you can’t help seeing them as effortlessly achieving the sort of ‘focused wildness’ and savage beauty Enfant Terrible crave. Still, the potential’s there. One to watch.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You ever clocked Altered Beast without losing a single continue. The princess is in another (Crystal) Castle.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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