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We Are The Ocean – Go Now And Live

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We Are The Ocean – Go Now And Live

NAME: We Are The Ocean
ALBUM: Go Now And Live
DATE: 25April2011

LABEL: Hassle Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Former Alexisonfire wannabes branch out.

LOCATION: Essex, England

LINE UP: Dan Brown – vocals; Liam Cromby – vocals, rhythm guitar; Alfie Scully – lead guitar; Jack Spence – bass guitar; Tom Whittaker – drums, percussion


WHAT’S THE STORY?: We Are The Ocean have previously been maligned by many for their inferior plagiarism of Alexisonfire, though Go Now And Live sees the group hone a new sound that distinguishes them from the pack of post-hardcore copycats.

Immediately, it is apparent that the band’s screams have been removed in order to facilitate more melodic song structures. This is a precarious move for a band who had already accrued a sizeable fanbase and whether it pays dividends is yet to be seen.

At times this approach proves to be successful, as ‘Runaway’ sounds akin to Hot Rod Circuit with sweeping guitar work and a superb chorus that truly shows the band’s potential. ‘Trials and Tribulations’ follows a similar model and again enters melodic rock territory without showing any absence of energy.

It is surprising that the album’s worst tracks are when the band up the ante. ‘Godspeed’ attempts to impact listeners with the fast pace of a Formula One car, but ultimately stumbles with the conviction of a tattered ice cream van.

Similarly, ‘Trouble is Temporary, Time Is Tonic’ makes for an underwhelming album opener, with a repetitive chorus that quickly becomes more frustrating than a never-ending alarm clock chime. ‘The Waiting Room’ marks a veritable improvement, with vocal exchanges that help the song to flow fluidly.

Due to the album’s inconsistency, it is difficult to gauge if Go Now And Live can help We Are The Ocean take their elusive next step up the musical ladder, but there are certainly moments of promise.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Foo Fighters, Hot Rod Circuit, Taking Back Sunday

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