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LIVE! – Alexisonfire

November 15, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – Alexisonfire

ARTIST: Alexisonfire
SUPPORT: The Computers, Chickenhawk
VENUE, TOWN: Rock City, Nottingham
DATE: 12th November 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Alexisonfire arrive and conquer Nottingham.

MAIN REVIEW: Thanks to the consistently unreliable winter train services, I was unable to watch The Computers or Chickenhawk tonight, but my train fortunately allowed me to miss nothing of tonight’s spectacular headliners, Alexisonfire.

Opening with a pounding rendition of ‘Young Cardinals’, the Canadians start with undeterred conviction, allowing the spellbinding vocals of guitarist, Dallas Green, to be showcased impressively in front of tonight’s maximum capacity crowd. Strangely, lead vocalist George Petitt elects to sing the track, rather than unleash the raspy vocal style that is heard on record, however by the time ‘Mailbox Arson’ is let loose, Petitt’s familiar screams are heard in their uncompromising glory.

After ‘Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints’ emanates through the speakers, Alexisonfire begin to run through their set list with seamless panache, coupled alongside a manifest venom which signals that they have found a new purpose since the release of 2009’s ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’.

New track, ‘Dog’s Blood’, is aired to a thunderous response from the band’s Nottingham faithful, before 2004’s ‘Control’ whips them into a total frenzy. Incredibly, Petitt manages to counterbalance his electric stage presence with a vocal delivery that is nothing short of perfection. Every single one of his screams mirror those seen in the band’s back catalogue, which is a refreshing sight when many contemporary hardcore vocalists choose to sacrifice portions of their screaming for the sake of a healthy throat.

Kenny Bridges from Moneen even makes an appearance in the band’s encore, as he offers his singing services to ‘Accidents’, and ensures that the crowd leaves Rock City in the knowledge that they have enjoyed a undoubtedly raucous night.





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