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LIVE! Blood Red Shoes

April 30, 2012 by  

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LIVE! Blood Red Shoes

ARTIST: Blood Red Shoes
VENUE, TOWN: Concorde 2, Brighton
DATE: 29th April 2012
Live photos from the gig!!!

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Brighton Born Grungey Alternative Rock

MAIN REVIEW: Playing to a home crowd Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, who make up the stormy alternative rock duo Red Blood Shoes, should be confident in having a responsive audience for tonight’s sold out gig. Not unknown for their onstage quarrels and intra-band tension you can’t help but notice a sense of anticipation from the crowd, almost a simultaneous ‘Is anything gonna go down tonight?’ vibe. However both Carter (guitar and vocals) and Ansell (drums and vocals) appear to be on their best behaviour and focused on giving a good show.

2012 has been a busy year for the band with the release of their new single ‘Cold’ coming out on 24th January and their third full length album ‘In Time To Voices’ which was released 26th March. Described as an ‘ambitious record’ by Carter herself, the duo seem to have explored a lot more with this album. It’s been well received with a UK and European tour for April and May being announced for ‘In Time To Voices’.

However tonight this album title seems to be a bit misleading. At times the duo sound like two separate acts battling against each other instead of a collaboration of two vocalists/musicians. ‘Light It Up’ from their second album is played with a roar of appreciation from the crowd and ‘Don’t Ask’, also from the second album ‘Fire Like This’, is performed like a well-oiled machine but there are unmistakeable timing issues with one or two of the newer songs. Perhaps the latest album is a bit too ambitious.

Without a doubt the duo are talented. Laura-Mary has an irresistibly seductive, raw and earthy voice and Ansell’s vocal range and tone is impressive on top of his skills as a drummer. And Laura-Mary’s voice isn’t the only thing that people seem to find attractive throughout tonight’s performance; many marriage proposals and cat calls are thrown her way! Once they get into the choruses, the pair’s harmonic quality shows through and they stand their ground as a two piece.

Heavily influenced by an underground mix of US punk and rock musicians such as Nirvanna and Queens of the Stone Age, the band’s name also has American influences; Blood Red Shoes is taken from a musical with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in which Ginger Rogers turned her shoes red with blood from dancing so much. Forming in late 2004, Blood Red Shoes have collected a substantial fan base in the UK, and at Concorde 2 tonight you can see a warm home crowd very much in love with the band and the music.

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– Jessica Osborne Lax



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