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LIVE! – Coheed and Cambria

June 28, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – Coheed and Cambria

ARTIST: Coheed and Cambria
VENUE, TOWN: Newcastle 02 Academy, Newcastle
DATE: 23rd June 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Epic and gargantuan sci-fi rock.

MAIN REVIEW: Coheed and Cambria released `The Year of the Black Rainbow’ this April to a mixed reception from fans. The record neglected the band’s former pop-rock sensibilities and focused on either technical prog-rock mastery, or gross self-indulgence, depending on your perception. Personally, I believe the album is a combination of the two.

Nonetheless, Coheed and Cambria’s change in musical direction altered the expectations of tonight’s gig. Would they alienate their older material? Does Claudio Sanchez now execute 3-hour guitar solos, played only using his tongue? Will I miss Christmas?

Luckily, there was no gratuitous guitar solos and I certainly didn’t miss Christmas. However, `The Year of the Black Rainbow’ certainly dominated the band’s set list. But, it didn’t seem to agitate those confined in the four walls of Newcastle’s 02 Academy.

Coheed and Cambria are renowned for their impeccable musicianship, which was illustrated effectively tonight. The band’s incredible talents can be enjoyed passively or proactively, as reactions vary from motionless awe to frantic dancing. Therefore, despite the band’s newer material sounding inaccessible on record, their intricacy is an impressive spectacle in a live environment.

Irrespectively, revered classics such as `A Favor House Atlantic’ and `Time Consumer’ are worshipped by the band’s fanatical following. Also, `No World For Tomorrow’ offers monstrous riffs that magnetises drinkers from the bar, into the venue’s chaotic pit.

Effortlessly, Claudio Sanchez manages to sing and strum with consummate ease throughout the group’s 115 minute set. Also, the band’s newest member, Chris Pennie, offers an incomprehensibly talented drum-solo which flummoxes all his witnesses.

All members of Coheed and Cambria are astonishingly gifted, and the group’s psychedelic video-backdrop suitably compliments their unmistakable abilities. Adorning the video screen are images of skeletons, witches and robots. Although, these aren’t merely aesthetic; they all allude to `The Amory Wars’ which is the comic that Coheed and Cambria’s music is based on.

`Welcome Home’ closes this commanding performance with an uncompromising conviction that causes hundreds of bodies to invade the gargantuan mosh-pit. Overall, it’s a fitting end to an inimitable display.

LINK: http://www.myspace.com/coheedandcambria



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