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LIVE! – DZ Deathrays, Demob Happy + Skirts @ Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

November 15, 2012 by  

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LIVE! – DZ Deathrays, Demob Happy + Skirts @ Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

ARTIST: DZ Deathrays
SUPPORT: Demob Happy + Skirts
VENUE, TOWN: Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
DATE: 13th November 2012
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It’s not rare to walk into a gig at Brighton venue Sticky Mike’s on a weekday night only to be greeted by a vacant room. Tonight, this was a cunning red herring that represented the calm before the storm.

The Love Thy Neighbour promoters have generated a climatic line up of great bands starting with Skirts: a two piece with bass, drums and a decent amount of cowbell. This gig is going to be loud. Bodies start moving downstairs like being led by the Pied Piper through the vibrations and dirty bass sounds coming up through the floor. These guys have some fun garage tunes and sweet pedals which are delightful to listen to and their stage presence is perfect for the first act – full of banter amongst themselves and the audience, putting the small crowd at ease.

What’s next to come sees more people venturing through the graffitied doors. Demob Happy are what could only be considered by most as long-haired brilliance. These lads silently emerge on stage and begin to play, already the are crowd cheering. They’ve been likened to early Kings of Leon, but these kids are much more. They have their own identity which they pull out every time they play their most anticipated tune ‘Rattlesnake’. In their pointed boots and tight jeans, these guys would sweat cool if they weren’t too cool to sweat.

It’s time for the finale – DZ Deathrays! Notably having just been nominated for an ARIA (Australian Record Industry Award) they bring to mind a thrash infused Sonic Youth with rock’n’roll screams. The crowd is pumped and ready to go yet these kids are so casually cool they continued to stroll on and off the stage straight through the crowd while they set up. And now the chaos ensues. Frontman Shane Parsons flings himself and his guitar around between vocals, while Ridley follows his lead on drums. Parsons throws his vocals into the mic as if they were a physical object. The set progressively gets louder and faster, as so do the DZ fans. As the end nears, Parsons pulls his mic and guitar into the crowd while he continues to play. The crowd is in awe as they witness rock’n’roll first hand. Then back on stage and romeo done, the show is over and everyone walks out grinning and breathless. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll pick up their Debut album ‘Bloodstreams’.



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