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LIVE! Finntroll @ Camden Underworld

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LIVE!  Finntroll @ Camden Underworld

ARTIST: Finntroll
SUPPORT: Keep of Kalessin
VENUE, TOWN: Camden Underworld, London
DATE: 13th May 2013


REVIEW: With the release of ‘Blodsvept’ – their sixth studio album – Finntroll’s gig tonight is the only UK date, finishing up a six-city European tour. Norwegian extreme Metallers Keep of Kalessin are supporting the Finnish trolls this evening, and the long-running three piece (originally formed in 1993) get the crowd warmed up nicely with shuddering riffs and brutal vocals.

The Underworld is heaving with a mass of cheering fans as Finntroll hit the stage. Complete with six-inch prosthetic troll ears and thick face paint, the six-piece fill the stage as they launch into their first number ‘Mordminnen’. As the crowd pulsates with the syncopated keyboard parts, the heat rises and frontman Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns leans into the crowd to the fans reaching out to him. Everyone joins in for the “Woah-oh” chorus of ‘Under Bergets Rot’, feet stamping and fists punching the air. A mass of hair and dreadlocks fling about the stage as the Finnish sextet windmill with gusto! Guitarist Mikael “Routa” Karlbom catches his mane on the air conditioning unit above him, whilst vocalist Vreth gets his hair tangled up in Routa’s guitar pegs.

The smell of sweat mixes with the odour of the smoke machine, filling the venue with a thick scent. “Our Scandinavian clothes aren’t made for this heat!” declares Vreth as he peels off another layer, revealing silver nipple paint. Keyboardist Henri Sorvali – who has also played alongside The Rasmus and Moonsorrow – swigs beer between songs and encourages the fervent crowd to clap in time. With a rousing performance of ‘Solsagan’, the trolls leave the stage to a rapturous applause, fans begging for an encore. Returning to the stage to play their epic and most-loved songs ‘Trollhammaren’ and ‘Jakten’s Tid’, the Underworld is a mess of sweat, beer, face paint. Exhausted and exhilarated, tonight’s crowd leaves knowing that the trolls have wrapped up this tour perfectly.

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