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LIVE! – Funeral For A Friend

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LIVE! – Funeral For A Friend

ARTIST: Funeral For A Friend
SUPPORT: Rise To Remain, Tiger Please
VENUE, TOWN: Black Flag, Wakefield
DATE: 29th March 2011

FIVE WORD REVIEW: FFAF’s rebirth continues in style.

MAIN REVIEW: Wakefield is seldom seen on the touring schedules of bands, but Funeral For A Friend’s arrival has attracted hundreds of fans to the city’s relatively new Black Flag venue. Most groups overlook Wakefield in favour of Leeds, though this new club could change matters, as it boasts a sensible layout and a sizeable capacity of 1000.

An early start means that I missed the night’s openers Road To Horizon but I arrived just in time to witness Tiger Please produce a set of soaring indie-rock tracks, including the serene ‘Autumn Came The Fall’, which is easily comparable to Biffy Clyro’s tender moments.

Loaded with enough riffs to turn a game of chess into a circle pit, Rise To Remain should solidify themselves as one of Britain’s brightest metalcore hopes tonight. Conversely, the band offer a set that comes across as being largely derivative and uninspired. ‘Bridges Will Burn’ boasts a litany of empowering riffs, though they’re tarnished severely by some sub-par Atreyu impersonations.

If Rise To Remain are the underperforming apprentices, then Funeral For A Friend are a bunch of Welsh Yodas, as the group launch into ‘Roses For The Dead’ with conspicuous hunger and passion that really is alien to many of their contemporaries in the scene.

With the skilfully performed ‘Aftertaste’, it is immediately evident that Welcome Home Armageddon has provided the band with a substantial dose of parariffamol, allowing the band to neglect the creative dalliances that blighted their reputation for orchestrating impactful post-hardcore.

Their set’s only drawback is the unreliability of Kris Coombs-Roberts’ guitars, which seem to be as stable as the British economy. Thankfully, the disrepair is fixed promptly, enabling the riff of ‘Spinning Over The Island’ to be heard in all of its mosh-inducing glory.

As the familiar climax of ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ reverberates throughout the venue, Funeral For A Friend can rest assured that their Yorkshire fans are as ardent as ever.

LINK: http://www.funeralforafriend.com/




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