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LIVE! – Gallows

December 17, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – Gallows

ARTIST: Gallows
SUPPORT: Bastions
VENUE, TOWN: Corporation, Sheffield
DATE: 12th December 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Watford crew completely annihilate Sheffield.

MAIN REVIEW: The rock media seems to believe that Gallows have suffered a fall from grace in the last year. After Orchestra of Wolves propelled them from underground venues to alleged punk rock saviours, the band’s second album, Grey Britain, wasn’t as well received by the fickle masses. Nevertheless, the Watford outfit has attracted a sizeable crowd to Sheffield’s murky Corporation venue tonight, despite the near-freezing temperatures.

Support tonight comes from Bastions, who decimate everything in their path with an impressive display of caustic hardcore. There’s undoubtedly a lot of promise for the group, as they put in a commendable performance that deviates from American Nightmare-esque riffs to atmospheric rock.

After Bastions leave a lasting impression on the audience, Gallows emerge with an uncontainable rendition of ‘Leeches’. Singer, Frank Carter, runs wild on the stage and provokes an emphatic reaction from the crowd, which continues with ‘London is the Reason’ and the mordant ‘Come Friendly Bombs’.

Frank Carter continually thanks the crowd for their participation and it’s remarkably refreshing to see a band express such humility and thankfulness to their fans, especially when that band are playing the kind of relentless hardcore that would give most mothers nightmares.

Gallows’ set is mainly focused on their Grey Britain album, but the group still have time to surprise bands with an unexpected airing of ‘Kill The Rhythm’, and the ensuing flurry of flailing limbs seems to suggest that Sheffield appreciates their decision.

The night is closed in triumphant fashion with ‘Orchestra of Wolves’, making it clear that whether Gallows sell 1 million records or 10, they will always be exceptional performers.





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