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LIVE! Hadouken + Qemists @ Concorde2, Brighton

April 30, 2013 by  

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LIVE! Hadouken + Qemists @ Concorde2, Brighton

ARTIST: Hadouken
SUPPORT: Qemists
VENUE, TOWN: Concorde 2, Brighton
DATE: 26 April 2013


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Teenage kicks right through tonight!

MAIN REVIEW: Tonight Concorde2 doesn’t seem sold out, however once Qemists enter the stage, the crowd suddenly comes alive and seems so much bigger. The night is young and bright and the city is ready to party!

“You know Brighton, you look absolutely wicked, you are absolutely special,” Qemists welcomes the cheering young crowd after coming on stage. Fitting nicely on tour with Hadouken!, both bands are energetic and their dance-inducing music is vibrant, attracting a mainly young audience. The majority of the hall comprises of teenagers and the vibe and zest coming from all sides is obvious. As a 14+ gig, it feels like being in high school again. The crowd is crazy, and even though the venue doesn’t seem fully packed, the dancing mass of kids fills the space to the brim.

Qemists quickly warms the crowd, getting the blood pumping through their veins, before the five members of Hadouken! come on stage. The venue stinks of adolescent sweat, with girls wearing stomach-bearing bandeau tops, and the boys mostly shirtless. The audience is cheering in ecstasy while the band performs popular songs such as ‘Vortex’, and ‘M.A.D’. They are, of course, not missing out hits like ‘Levitate’ or ‘That Boy That Girl’ while everyone sings with them.

The band also presents the best of their third and new album, ‘Every Weekend’. This is Hadouken!’s sixth visit to Concorde2 and it is evident that the guys (and a girl!) enjoy the night as much as their audience does. Disco lights combined with half-naked teenagers spilling beer around them, and topped off with great music definitely helps this reviewer feel young again! Due to a club night in the venue after the show, the gig has to finish early. On the other hand, most of the kids shouldn’t be out this late anyway…

LINKS: Official Website // Facebook

– Diana Madej



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