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LIVE! – Hiatus & Shura

September 27, 2011 by  

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LIVE! – Hiatus & Shura

ARTIST: Hiatus & Shura
SUPPORT: candytree, Sunday Night, Club 308, Mercury Rising, Bruce Lok
VENUE, TOWN: Cargo Club, London, UK
DATE: 24th September 2011

FIVE WORD REVIEW: First Impression Belies Hidden Gold

MAIN REVIEW: Hiatus and Shura step forth with so little fanfare it was actually a bit of a mystery telling when they’d moved from sound checking to playing proper, especially considering it was single launch night. Apparently this is only their fourth live performance together and it does show; there’s an element of unfamiliarity and uncertainty to their performance that makes it feel a bit like watching your friends performing in a garage, except you’ve never met them before in your life.

They’re also not helped by the fact that the Cargo club is essentially two conjoined cellars, one being a live venue the other a dance bar. The two being separated by a half-closed velvet curtain… a material well known for its ability to completely block out the baselines of pounding club bangers. To aid this, a large portion of the audience didn’t seem to understand the concept of keeping their fucking mouths shut when there’s a band on and maintained a steady stream of low-level human bullshit throughout.

Well at least we weren’t listening to some low-key electro with an emphasis on light female vocals…


Which is a shame because what’s on offer is good stuff. Essentially comprised of a pair of lungs and a keyboard, (Hey, worked pretty well for Moby) Hiatus lays down the beat and Shura adds her voice in over the loops. Its bread and butter stuff but it works really well. Shura has a cracking voice and the rhythms are well balanced and atmospheric with some surprising string interludes.

In particular launch point single Fortune’s Fool is good. Really good. Starting soft and tender, the vocals delivered with a clipped and breathless throatiness, before rolling into an excellent storm front bassline that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the track but maintains a continuous brooding presence over the lighter keys.

It’s a cross genre effort that works really well, serving as an excellent bridge between the respective light and dark elements of Indie electronica and dubstep and represents a definite step forward for both.

LINK: http://www.hiatusmusic.net/




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